Jeff Laberge, CEO

Jeff LaBerge Professional Overview

Jeff LaBerge is a highly experienced finance and business development expert. He has over 15 years of experience in renewable energy, agriculture, private equity, and healthcare. His areas of expertise involve project development, financing and business strategy.

Presently, Jeff LaBerge is the CEO and co-founder of Viaspace California, Inc. Viaspace is a vertically integrated market pioneer in the recently developed Industrial Hemp & CBD Sector. J. LaBerge played an integral responsibility in Viaspace's forming. 

Jeff LaBerge is responsible for the company's strategic course as well as all business and regulating judgments. Under his management, the company was one of the very first to legally grow hemp in California. He produced all aspects of the company's business plan. Including setting up a strategic alliance with a large farmer that ensured Viaspace with 105 acres to develop in 2019. This deal came with the ability to expand significantly in 2020 and after.

Jeff LaBerge Career History

Prior to Jeff founding Viaspace, he supplied management consulting and business development services. He mostly operated in the healthcare, renewable energy and agriculture industries.

Besides founding Viaspace California, LaBerge was one of the founding Principals of Heritage Equity Group. This is a boutique asset management agency located in San Diego, CA. Jeff was involved in all aspects of the firm's private equity, project financing and investment actions. His particular areas of expertise include the sustainable energy (U.S. and Mexico), clean-tech, healthcare and monetary services sectors.

Before starting Heritage, LaBerge served as a private wealth manager at well known financial services companies in San Diego. His clients were high net-worth individuals.

Jeff started his career an assurance and business advisory associate at PwC. In the course of this time, he earned beneficial knowledge in auditing, financial reporting and tax preparation.

Jeff's involvement in Yellowtail Ventures

Apart from his function at Viaspace, J. LaBerge is also involved with Yellowtail Ventures: a business consulting firm that services the healthcare, renewable energy and agriculture industries. Here Jeff provides operational and strategic advisory services. These services link to the creation of proton therapy treatment centers and other opportunities in the proton therapy industry. He composed IPS's business model concerning the development and operation of proton therapy centers.

Since 2017, Jeff also advises for D3 Renewable Technologies Corp., a renewable energy development company centered on biomass and other waste transformation projects. He provides project management and development services concerning biomass, waste-to-energy and other similar project possibilities across the world.


Jeff LaBerge has a B.S. Business with a double major in finance and accounting from the University of Arizona.

Specialties: Hemp, CBD, Private Equity, Renewable Energy Investment, Project Finance, Healthcare Investment.

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This is the CEO Jeff LaBerge

This is the CEO Jeff LaBerge